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Step Into Icon Status With Stunning, Truly Epic Brand Photography — Hollywood’s Favorite Photographer Is Showing You How To Achieve A-List-Level Photos To Elevate Your Personal Brand

the expert guidance of icon-making insiders

Starla Fortunato & Kathryn Porritt

If you want to have the most iconic photos for your website, social media, pitching and presentations, we can show you how...

Don’t be mistaken: shoots that produce epic results don’t just happen. It takes highly specific and intentional preparation, in-depth brand work, and industry insight from the absolute best A-list photographers on the planet… a type of insider knowledge that has never before been accessible outside of an elite few.  

Until now

Forget everything you think you know about achieving the perfect headshots and on-brand photos. Walk away from your hundredth Pinterest board… and discover the kind of secrets that only the most elite photographers have access to

Brand Photoshoot


Pre-Headshots and Brand Shoot Foundations to Set You Up for Success

Training with Kathryn Porritt on the Iconic branding foundations you MUST implement in order to achieve truly luxury results with any photographer.

VALUE: $997

Your Brand Dossier Training & Templates

The exact steps to create your own Brand Dossier including templates, so your photographer has a roadmap with art direction and visual needs that simply cannot go wrong.

VALUE: $297

Your Iconic Photoshoot Location Training

Priceless insights, tips, and tricks from the very best Iconic photographer on how to scout and select your location for your Iconic Brand Shoot no matter where you are based.

VALUE: $349

Iconic Wardrobe & Grooming

Training with Starla Fortunato on how to prepare your wardrobe, styling, grooming and choosing your team to support you to success every time!  This is your Iconic brand, afterall.

VALUE: $150

The Iconic Shoot Day: Behind the Scenes

Starla Fortunato shows you the step by step set up for your shoot, the run-sheet, and takes you behind the scenes so you can see how to pose, set up your space and capture you as the Icon!

VALUE: $875

Your Iconic Photoshoot Briefing

We gift you the exact briefing we provide to our clients and photographers, so you have the cheat sheet that will ensure your success, no matter your budget or location.

VALUE: Priceless

Your audience has been dying to meet you… we will show you how to capture their attention like the true icon you are.  In our exclusive 5 part course, you'll have access to everything you need to prepare for your own Iconic Photo Shoot.

The truth is, you will never create iconic brand photos that represent your true genius without revolutionizing the way you approach your branding and shoot preparation

Don't Worry - We Will Show You How 

This powerful training will teach you exactly how to overcome all the major pitfalls that leave you feeling less than impressed with your branding photos (hint: once you master this, you will never waste money on a shoot that results in photos that are “okay enough”…) 

All for just $297


First of all,

it’s about SO much more than your “shot list”

Most branding and marketing companies do a shamefully poor job preparing their clients for their branding shoots. They hand over a generic shot list to be delivered to the photographer, failing to dig deep into the true essence of what makes the subject stand out among the masses.

 ...Spoiler: it’s going to take more than just “a list of shots” to make magic happen…but don’t worry, we will show you exactly how. Starla is extraordinarily gifted at breaking all of her expert knowledge down in an easy-to-understand, implementable manner. 


you can still achieve truly iconic brand photos, even if you’re on a budget

Starla & Kathryn will lead you to discover the heart of your brand’s essence, allowing you to clearly and completely communicate your vision to your photographer and achieve the results you desire, no matter their level of expertise. When you complete this deeply reflective work in advance, you are claiming your identity as an Icon and laying the groundwork for how you will present your brand to the world. Bonus: no matter who you choose as your photographer, they will absolutely love how prepared you are!

And third,

you’ll develop a clear understanding of what your magical world truly looks like, allowing you to fully manifest the most audacious, revolutionary version of yourself

There are A LOT of photographers who think they can brand and represent an Icon…but there are very few who can actually deliver at a truly epic level. Starla, along with the team at Icons Incorporated, will guide you through a step-by-step process for unlocking your true genius… so you can create imagery that actually matches the enormity of your impact on the world.

You Will NEVER Have Mediocre Results From a Brand Photo Shoot Again After Following This Extraordinary Training: 

Brand Photoshoot

Iconic Brand Shoot, a powerful companion guide to the work we do with our Icons inside Iconic Influencers.

Inside this powerful series,
you will:

  • Understand the difference between mainstream and luxury business models… so you can walk away from mediocrity and catapult your brand straight to the top of luxury market
  • Develop the mindset of a True Icon… so you can present your personal brand in a manner that actually matches your genius
  • Imagine your audacious, magical world and identify who you want to allow in… so you can magnetize the exact dream clients you desire, and no one else
  • Choose the perfect location for your brand shoot… so your backdrop reflects the magic you possess and perfectly complements your vision
  • Design a flawless wardrobe and personal grooming strategy… so you can show up the day of your shoot with the energy to magnetize throngs of raving fans into your iconic world

If this sounds like an absolutely mind-blowing, epic brand revolution, it is!

We will show you exactly how to get there


If you want to create truly iconic branding photos, the kind that will skyrocket your personal brand straight to the top of the luxury world… you won’t get there by following mainstream advice about branding

Listening to mainstream advice produces mainstream (ie: mediocre) results

If you’re fine with mainstream, then please, keep getting your branding advice from Pinterest

Keep meeting with mainstream marketing agencies and interviewing more unremarkable photographers

If you REFUSE to settle, though… If you DEMAND a brand shoot that unleashes your inner icon… If you are ready to CLAIM this type of elite positioning for your personal brand…

Then you absolutely MUST experience Starla Fortunato’s Iconic Brand Shoot Framework, in collaboration with our team of luxury brand specialists at Iconic Influencers

This is a completely different approach to planning the most epic, impactful brand photo shoot possible, resulting in the most iconic brand images of your career

Starla has NEVER shared her secrets outside of her own exclusive 1:1 client work…until now

Are you ready to experience the most epicly transformative photo shoot of your career?

Meet Iconic Brand Photographer

Starla Fortunato 

Starla is a gifted visionary behind the lens, working her magic to produce images of the highest caliber. As one of the most highly sought after Los Angeles based portrait and advertising photographers, Stara has worked with some of the biggest names in the world. A brief scan through her portfolio reveals stunning portraits of celebrity icons like Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck, Jane Lynch, Snoop Dogg, Tom Hanks, and more.

Her work has been featured in iconic publications such as Vanity Fair, Glamour, Teen Vogue, The Guardian, The New York Times, and the LA Times.

To say her work is second-to-none would be an understatement.

“Starla literally changed my life ...from just spending an afternoon together for my photoshoot. I came in to uplevel my website and visual branding, and got an integrated experience of self-love, deeper seeing, and spotlight inner shine. Best visual therapy ever! She brought out my beauty AND brilliance from using her inspired artistry and intuitive eye (paired with masterful experience). She has a huge heart and I'd recommend anyone to her. 5+ stars for this Bright Shooting Star.”

— Lucinda R.

Starla is keenly aware of exactly what it takes to create photos that push far beyond the bounds of the mainstream. She has perfected her methodology for preparing and executing the perfect iconic brand photo shoot. In fact, she is highly selective with the caliber of clients she accepts, only working with the ones who have done the deeply reflective branding vision work ahead of time.

Inside the Iconic Brand Shoot program, Starla reveals exactly what this type of high-level branding work looks like, how to achieve it, and why, without it, you will never move beyond the mediocre mainstream style displayed by 99% of all personal brands.

If you wish to break through into the world of the 1%, where true icons reside, you need to learn from the best.

Now, for the first time ever, Starla is sharing her luxury style secrets with YOU.

Are you ready to do what it takes to achieve the most epic photos of your career?

Here’s exactly what you will learn inside the

Iconic Brand Shoot framework:

Module 1:

Pre-Headshots and Brand Shoot Foundations to Set You Up for Success

- Why so many personal brands fail to achieve brand photos that simply don’t represent their iconic status online - and what to do instead

- Understanding mainstream vs. luxury personal brand models and why your mindset on this can hold you back from your desired results

- How to craft an iconic branding plan, completed with your revolutionary manifesto, a vision of your magical world, and your ideal avatar (aka, the only people who earn a key to your world)

Module 2:

Your Brand Dossier: Creating Your Artistic Roadmap

- What a brand dossier is, the exact components required, and why you will never obtain epic photos without a comprehensive dossier

- How to keep each component, from your branding copy to your brand color selection, highly elevated and away from the mainstream

- Additional support you may consider hiring to help you plan and execute your shoot

Module 3:

Your Location: Selecting the Backdrop for Your Magical World

- The art, science and strategy behind location scouting

- How to find the perfect location to complement your brand dossier shot list and overall brand aesthetic

- How the right photographer can be invaluable in scouting the right location for you

Module 4:

Location, Wardrobe, Grooming: Prepare for Your Iconic Shoot

- Practical tips for preparing your body and mind for your photo shoot

- Grooming and skin care must-dos for men and women, including when and when not to wax, get a haircut, put on makeup, etc.

- A wardrobe style guide to help you select clothing items that produce color continuity in all your photos

- How to pack, transport and care for your clothing and accessories en route to your shoot

Module 5:

The Day of: Making the Most of Your Iconic Shoot

- What to expect on the day of your shoot

- Mindset advice to help you show up with the exact energy you need to produce the best results

- Tips for calming nerves and connecting with the camera

- How to pose so you can actually relax and allow your true genius to shine through



Being equipped with everything you need to plan and execute the perfect iconic brand photo shoot, so you can claim your rightful place at the top of the luxury market with truly epic photography?

Value: Priceless

Your Price?

Just $297

To sum it up...

Here’s what you will be able to do after completing the Iconic Brand Shoot course 

  • Understand the difference between mainstream and luxury business models…so you can walk away from mediocrity and catapult your brand straight to the top of the luxury market
  • Develop the mindset of a True Icon…so you can present your personal brand in a manner that actually matches your genius
  • Imagine your audacious, magical world and identify who you want to allow in…so you can magnetize the exact dream clients you desire, and no one else
  • Choose the perfect shoot location for your brand shoot…so your backdrop reflects the magic you possess and perfectly complements your vision
  • Design a flawless wardrobe and personal grooming strategy…so you can show up the day of your shoot with the energy to magnetize throngs of raving fans into your iconic world

Total Value: $Thousands
Fair Price: $997
Get It All Right Now

For Just $297!


This will NOT produce the same results for everyone.

The Iconic Brand Shoot methodology is effective beyond compare.

However, it won’t work for everyone.

If you are unwilling to do the deeply reflective work that is necessary to discover the essence of your iconic brand… It won’t work.

If you don't believe with every ounce of your being that you are a true genius, the absolute best in the universe in what you do… It won’t work.

If you are not willing to show up as the true inspiration, a genuine leader, the epic change-maker that you are… It won’t work.

If you are content with branding that is “good enough” and keeps you inside your comfort zone … It won’t work.

Simply put, this system was created for a very specific group of people:

Iconic trendsetters who are here to think bigger than ever before, who are ready to create their own paradigm-smashing revolutions, and who are willing to do whatever it takes in order to stake their claim as the visionary, the gatekeeper, and the ruler of their own magical world…so they can bring about the biggest, boldest, most audacious impact imaginable.

If that’s you…

We Want to Hear From You… NOW

This is your opportunity to build the foundation of your Iconic personal brand with the most epic photos of your career

No, you don’t need to wait for some unattainable level of “perfection”
You don’t need a facelift.

Your teeth are perfect the way they are.

You won’t have to break the bank on high fashion luxury couture.

You simply have to possess a true, honest understanding and acceptance of your genius…and be willing to follow the exact methodology inside this course

The only thing holding you back from planning the most iconic brand photo shoot of your life is YOU

The way I see it, you have 3 options if you want to claim your place as a luxury icon:

Option #1

Find an excuse to close this page and go back to daydreaming about the kind of photos you might be able to create one day
You might save $297 today, I suppose…

On the other hand…what if this is your key to planning the perfect shoot with the most incredible outcome, one so extraordinary you’ve barely dared to dream of? Are you prepared to always wonder, staring at yet another set of uninspired, mediocre headshots… what if I had simply invested in that framework?

Option #2

Finally get serious about planning your next photo shoot on your own

There are tons of free resources out there, after all. You could waste more time creating mood boards on Pinterest and stalking the portfolios of all those photographers you’ve bookmarked.

This could be a solid option for you… if you are willing to spend a ton of energy (and who-knows-how-much money) finding a photographer who may or may not know how to guide you through the art of planning your shoot, not just executing it.

Option #3

Let us hand you the exact framework Starla & Kathryn use to plan icon-making photo shoots with their ultra-successful clients

Honestly, what is there to lose? You can have the method that has been proven to launch wildly successful personal brands right now.

All for far less than you spend on a lunch out with friends.

It's your time... and we cannot wait to meet you, Icon.

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